from a parent ~

 "Karen is a fabulous reading instructor. My son has autism and ADHD - and has always been a challenging child to keep on task. Karen immediately established great rapport with my son, and she continues to amaze me with her ability to keep him focused for the entire hour long session - remarkably accomplished without the use of a single edible! Karen is very patient, enthusiastic and dedicated. She thinks outside the box and individualizes each child's program to best meet their needs. In summary, Karen is truly WONDERFUL!"

from a colleague ~

 "Karen is a warm, compassionate and highly effective special educator who enjoys working with all levels of learners. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both special education and reading. As a Wilson Reading specialist, she is particularly skilled working with students who have difficulties with or disabilities in the area of reading and decoding. She treats each student as a unique individual and takes a genuine interest in their educational and personal growth. Students respond to her kindness and good humor. Outside of school, Karen volunteers her time to work with students and adults with cognitive disabilities, as well as participants on the Special Olympics swimming team. I highly recommend Karen for any reading, tutoring or special education position. She is a pleasure to work with!​"

from a parent ~ "Karen has been a great find! My son has a severe learning disability and was stagnating at school for years until we met Karen. Karen is intimately familiar with multiple reading programs allowing her to pick and choose strategies for each pupil. That customized approach paired with Karen's fun demeanor finally opened a whole new world of reading success for my son! Within a few short months his classroom teachers were astounded by the turnaround. My son's sessions with Karen are easily the most valuable ninety minutes of his week, and best of all he has fun doing it. A+ for Karen!" 

from a colleague ~

 "Karen worked with students with significant communication disabilities, students on the Autism Spectrum, and students with mild to severe learning disabilities in a language program.

Karen is a seasoned instructor who demonstrates an expert ability to assess students while teaching so she can adjust the lessons. She is particularly strong teaching students using intensive writing and reading programs. She also expertly handles the social and emotional obstacles these students encounter on a daily basis. She is a dedicated and talented professional while being a personable, positive person.

Karen's most evident strength is her rapport with the students of all different backgrounds and abilities. She has well-honed instincts around student needs, and she is an excellent advocate of the overall well-being of students.​"

from a colleague ~

 "Karen is an exceptional educator and a godsend for her students. She is knowledgable in different teachings of reading strategies, incredibly patient, and works well with students who learn differently." 

Karen D'Ortenzio

Experienced and Caring Special Educator